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Over the last two years, the student union of Imperial College London has been working on plans to completely redevelop the Union Building in the Beit Quadrangle, which is located on the College's South Kensington Campus. If this project is delivered that it is hoped that it will deliver improved facilities needed to enrich student life and provide a broader educational experience for everybody at Imperial College.

£1.2 Million has already been invested into this project and building work on the first phase of the redevelopment has recently been completed. Future phases in the Building Masterplan will be financed by a variety of sources and this project is now a flagship project of the College’s centenary campaign.

Throughout my year as President of Imperial College Union I heard numerous comments from College and Alumni supporters who yearned to see Imperial students take a lead in raising money for the Beit Refurbishment project. This is why I decided to take the plunge and raise the profile of this project and as much money as possible by cycling from one end of Britain to the other. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but by committing to do this cycle ride I was, in effect, sacrificing my right arm for the Union!

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The Beit Redevelopment
The Beit Redevelopment
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