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Monday 11th September 2007: “Descent to the Lowlands”

Today I cycled from the dramatic Highlands to a rather uninspiring town called Kinross, which in spite of its anonymity has an entire county named after it. Although the destination may have disappointed, the journey itself was splendid.

After a long gentle climb to the 460m high Drumochter Pass I basically free-wheeled all the way down the mountain to Blair Atholl where I left the A9 briefly to try the quieter back roads to Pitlochry. There were several signs around warning me of the hazardous red squirrels that reportedly jump out at motorists in this area. Nichola visited a nearby wildlife centre and informs me that the car was attacked by a local deer that same morning so it seems the wildlife round here certainly is wild!

I didn’t time the journey very well and spent too much time in Pitlochry so I arrived in Kinross after sunset. The last leg of the journey turned out to be much tougher than I had expected as there was a steep climb up a hill outside Perth that didn’t offer a particularly helpful descent.

On arriving in Kinross we found that there was only one choice of hotel and nowhere decent to eat so we had to settle for takeaways that evening – not ideal when you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet.

Ride Statistics

Started: 10:00 hours
Finished: 20:00 hours
Distance: 87.30 miles
Cycling time: 6 hours 31 minutes
Top speed: 30.5 mph
Average speed: 13.4 mph
Odometer: 261.2 miles

The famous Drumochter Summit
Dangerous animals
A strange sight near Kinross
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