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Monday 17th September 2007: ďDay of the CathedralsĒ

I had an excellent ride today with a minor crisis at the end of the day. I had intended that this leg should be the longest and it just about was thanks to a minor detour via Wales.

I left early in the morning and to my amazement found myself in Gloucester, which is over 50 miles south, in time for lunch. I found time to wander around both Worcesterís and Gloucesterís cathedrals, the latter being the more impressive of the two.

Had I been cycling through this region during my first attempt at LEJOG then I would have needed a boat to get through many of the towns and villages I visited along the Severn Valley. Tewkesbury was particularly badly affected by the June floods but my first impressions suggest that the town is well on the way to recovery.

As I had a little spare time and as I was keen to pass through Wales I chose to take the western side of the Severn Valley, rather than the eastern. I hadnít realised how much hillier this route was until I reached the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, by which time it was too late to turn back. This diversion took far longer than I had originally hoped even though passing through Wales and over the Severn was quite fun.

I climbed a steep hill along narrow country roads up the Severn Valley to the A38 and followed the road south into Bristol, passing several spectacular view points on the way. On the outskirts of the city I suffered my second puncture of the whole journey and took 45 minutes to replace the tube (not helped by the lack of decent tyre jacks). This knocked my moral a fair bit but at least the remainder of the journey was downhill into town.

I arrived at Bristol Temple Meads station having travelled 99.6 miles that day so to the bewilderment of taxi drivers at the nearby taxi rank I cycled round the car park a couple of times to bring the odometer up to the magic 100.

I took a late train to my Dadís and stayed the night there. It was a very long day but on reflection quite satisfying.

Ride Statistics

Started: 08:30 hours
Finished: 20:30 hours
Distance: 100.12 miles
Cycling time: 7 hours 50 minutes
Top speed: 31.0 mph
Average speed: 12.7 mph
Odometer: 713.2 miles

Gloucester Cathedral
Welcome to Wales
The Severn Bridge
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