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Sunday 16th September 2007: “Shropshire, Ironbridge and bikers”

I had planned to arrive at my Aunt Gloria’s house on the outskirts of Dudley at the end of the ninth day so this leg was one of the shortest of the whole journey. In spite of the late start (a Sunday lay in) I covered more than half the distance I needed to before lunch so I chose to veer off course and pop into Ironbridge that afternoon.

It was a gloriously sunny day and the county was swarming with bikers and cyclists. The open, occasionally very windswept roads and rolling countryside offered a great backdrop to road travel of all kinds.

Shropshire has a reputation of being a bit of a backward county and this was supported my experiences of the pubs in the region; none of them accepted cards and the quality of food and service was questionable. I had to cycle through three villages and visit four pubs before I found one that actually served lunch on a Sunday! The county also seems to have a vendetta against road signs so finding my way around was more of a challenge.

By the time I arrived at Ironbridge the weather was starting to turn but that didn’t make the visit any less enjoyable. The wind strengthened when I left Ironbridge and so progress was slow to Kingswinford but I arrived in good time. It was lovely to stay at a relative’s house for once, especially after my experiences the night before!

Ride Statistics

Started: 10:30 hours
Finished: 18:45 hours
Distance: 57.32 miles
Cycling time: 5 hours 02 minutes
Top speed: 28.5 mph
Average speed: 11.3 mph
Odometer: 613.1 miles

Windswept Shropshire Roads
A strange front garden near Telford
Ironbridge, the oldest iron bridge in the world
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